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Subhaan Allah :See how Allah (swt) encoded both the minimum and maximum distances from earth to Moon in surah 54, “Al-Qamar – The Moon”

Posted on: 03/07/2012

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Brother Mustafa Pehlivan ( has found an amazing method for calculating the average distance between the Earth and the Moon from the Quran.
He calculated the number of letters between the word "Moon" and the word "Earth" in chapter #54 The Moon and then divides by the length of the word "Moon" in Arabic which is 3 (قمر) and obtained the distance from Earth to Moon in moon-diameters.
On double checking his finding, I realized that brother Pehlivan had made an unintentional error in his letter count of 333 instead of the 306 I got using the very accurate free and open source QuranCode software from
Following his exact method but using 306 letter count instead of 333, a very close result to the minimum distance was obtained (to within -0.56%) rather than the average distance.
This inspired me to also try and find the maximum distance but this time using word count instead of letter count which incredibly produced an accurate result to within -0.33%.
Here are the details:
Moon Distance
Perigee 362,570 km (0.0024 AU) AU = astronomy unit (356,400–370,400 km) 
Apogee 405,410 km (0.0027 AU)   (404,000–406,700 km) 
Moon Size
Mean radius 1,737.10 km  (0.273 Earths)
Equatorial radius 1,738.14 km (0.273 Earths)
Polar radius 1,735.97 km  (0.273 Earths)
Using the above Wikipedia information, the relative min/max distances are:
Moon Diameter = 2 * Moon Radius 
              = 2 * 1737.10 
              = 3474.2 km
Relative Minimum Distance (in "moon diameter" units) 356400 / 3474.2 = 102.58 moon diameters
Relative Maximum Distance (in "moon diameter" units)
406700 / 3474.2 = 117.06 moon diameters
Min Distance
Let's see how God Almighty has encoded these two pieces of information in the Quran.
In Quran chapter #54 The Moon, there are 306 letters between the only word "Moon" in the chapter and the only word "Earth" in the chapter.
Noting that the word "Moon" is 3 letters long in Arabic (قمر), therefore 306 / 3 = 102 is within -0.56% to the 102.58 relative minimum distance between the Moon and the Earth in moon diameters [(102 - 102.58)/102.58 = -0.0056].
Could be a coincidence? How about the maximum distance then?
Max Distance
Could the maximum distance be similarly encoded somewhere after 3 * 117 = 351 letters?
The answer was a resounding NO! BUT But but ... Using word count rather than letter count,the next word "Moon" (not "Earth") is found after exactly 351 words !!!
There are 350 words between the word "Moon" of chapter #54 The Moon and the next word "Moon" with no other "Moon" or "Earth" word is in between except the above "Earth" of the minimum distance.
The second instance "Moon" word falls in chapter #55 The Merciful and is a part of a verse that talks about Sun and Moon calculations:
Quran 55:5
الشمس والقمر بحسبان
"The sun and the moon (move) by precise calculation"
This verse seems to suggest the calculation of something related to the Sun and the Moon (not necessarily their orbits as the English translation is misleading. The original Arabic doesn't state what is being counted. Could this be a reference to the min/max distances? God knows best!
What's more, the verse uses 3 words in Arabic implying that we should also divide by 3 to get the result in moon diameters. Therefore 350/3 = 116.67 which is to within -0.33% of the 117.06 maximum relative distance between the Moon and the Earth in moon diameters [(116.67-117.06)/117.06=-0.0033].
There are no coincidences ever in the God's Kingdom. Everything is controlled in real-time.
NOTE: The prefix "Bism Allah Ar-Rahmaan Ar-Raheem" of chapter #55 The Merciful is included in the word count as it is always the case in QuranCode. [See Quran and 2012 and the 355 words of chapter the Merciful corresponding to the 355 days of the lunar Islamic year 1433AH]
God Almighty knows best and counts everything in numbers as He directly states in Quran 72:28:
"لِّيَعْلَمَ أَن قَدْ أَبْلَغُوا۟ رِسَٰلَٰتِ رَبِّهِمْ وَأَحَاطَ بِمَا لَدَيْهِمْ وَأَحْصَىٰ كُلَّ شَىْءٍ عَدَدًۢا"

It seems that God Almighty uses letter counts for minimum quantities and word count for maximum quantities
Could we find similar results for the Sun since there is specific chapter #91 called The Sun?
Indeed we can. See
If one considers that science is ever improving, then God in the Quran is telling the exact values and it is current science that deviates from reality by these small error margins. Allah knows best.
Glory to God, the Creator and real-time Sustainer of the Seen and Unseen worlds.

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