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where after death

Posted on: 04/12/2010

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When someone dies, what we think? Perhaps there who think completed the tasks in the world. But there are thinking, too, there is life after death later. When you look at the scriptures, is there any information where people who have died will continue his life. If the scriptures that you believe does not exist, then you should look for answers on the holy books of other religions. With the aim should not be on the day then there will be regrets.
In Islam, death is a certainty. Assessments that if his time had come, none being able delay. But death is not the end of life is essential for a servant. Each servant is only traveler who will return to his country the essential and enduring in the next. He will return to account for all the deeds and sayings that have been done in the world. Then he will get a reply on these deeds. Allah sWT.says:

“Every soul shall experience death. And indeed at the last day alone credit is enhanced. Whoever kept away from hell and put into heaven, then indeed he has been lucky. Life world is nothing but a deceptive pleasure. “(Qur’an :Ali ‘Imran: 185)
All forms of worship in Islam, people outside of Islam (Non Muslims) regard as burdensome for all religious adherents. But for Muslims the devout and sincere implementation, will be lighter. If you are a non-Muslim would have to think or believe too many rules that do not allow related to daily activities. Alcohol is banned, pork, dog meat, dress should cover genetalia and others. All that will be held accountable after we all experience death.
But, when you have become a Muslim, would feel good, peaceful, peaceful hearts, living in the household was happy, living in a society feels wonderful. God willing, will not be the ones who will lose in the last world, full of goodness, congratulations to a life full of happiness hereafter.R

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