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The ways to educate children

Posted on: 18/08/2010

The ways to educate children
Here are some ways that can be done to educate our children according to Islamic teachings, in order to become children of Saleh / Shalehah.
Firstly: teach monotheism to the child, mengesakan God in worship to Him, making it a more loving God than in others, he feared no one except Allah. This is the most urgent education above other important things.
Second: they pray and teach her to the congregation.
Third: to teach them to be smarter thanks to God, to both parents, and to others.
Fourth: to educate them to be obedient to both parents in the case of non-sinners, after obedience to God and the absolute rosulNya.
Fifth: to grow in them attitudes muroqobah feel God is always supervised. Do not underestimate the slightest disobedience and not even a little condescending kindness.
Sixth: let them be obligatory to follow sabilul al muwahhidin believers (believers who bertauhid way), Salih salafush best generation of this Ummah.
Seventh: the importance of science will lead them (the Qur’an and Sunnah).
Eighth: instill in their souls tawadlu attitude, humility, and rujulah and syaja’ah (virility and courage). And much more. May God bestow on us the kids who Salih. Amin ya Mujiibas sailiin. Allah says, “And the people who say: Our Lord Grant us our wives and our offspring as penyenang our hearts and make us a priest to the pious people.” (QS Al Furqoon: 74).

Messenger of Allaah said, “It would be a servant who was appointed Salih degrees in heaven. Then he would ask: O Lord what made me like this?” Then say to him, “Request for forgiveness for you son.” (Reported by Ahmad from Abu Hurairoh friend). Allaah says, “And those who believe and that their offspring follow them in faith, we connect them with their children and grandchildren, and We will not reduce the slightest from the reward of their charity, every human being bound by what are doing. ” (QS Ath Thuur: 21). It is Allah Who gives to what is beloved Taufiq and diridloiNya.
Walhamdulillahi robbil ‘alamin. Wal indallah Science

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