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Juvenile Delinquency: Youth Want Free Life

Posted on: 05/12/2010

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Habits of Teens is free in expressing their wish that ability in him. The average teenager aspiring, high willingness, strong force, not like the rules, want to be free. To accomplish his will, so they formed a group. With a group they have a stronger spirit, courage higher, stronger sense of unity, and ultimately destructive. Young children in groups, in accordance with the same ideals, the same aim, the same fate. So they will have a strong sense of unity.

To note the attitude of Teens who like this group is the need to control from family members, especially the attention of both parents. Do not let the children were given the opportunity to express themselves too freely, without supervision. Actually, not only parents who do supervision, required support from various elements, such as teacher at his school, people in their homes, community leaders, and government. All take care.

Youth as the next generation, must have the knowledge, skills more, to face the competition in today’s global era. Do not let as a young man has the attitude of lazy, lazy learning, lazy practice, like the rah-rah, drunkenness, drug users, like committing a crime.

Teenagers should be given enough knowledge, to prepare themselves to face greater challenges in the coming mass. No longer return to their groups and do negative. Of course the government should have a special education program for youth. Giving stock of knowledge about the negative effects of the abuse of additives, prevent access to firearms, providing them with a stable family life, free from violence, discipline them with love and consistency and, most importantly, teach them the basic values of life – respect others, respect authority and respect for themselves.

Many of the rights that must be met by the government against these teens have the right to religious education, freedom of choice of religious belief, the right to reject the doctrine of hatred against a particular religion with the intention of causing hatred, the right to moral education and family values are strong. Children have the right to have parents concerned about the learning progress in school and support their activities outside of school activities. Children have the right to have both parents actively involved in all aspects of their lives.

If the government really pay attention to the progress of the human resources of youth, certain country of residence will be stronger. Not strong in the military field alone, strong in arms, to conquer the world, to invade into other countries, but within the country itself was a mess. Many youths are unemployed, crime increases, increasingly illiterate increase, poverty increases, plus rising school dropout. This is one form of violation of Human Rights. Hopefully the government’s attention to this.

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