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Serious Challenges Worshipping Allah

Posted on: 07/12/2010

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Praise be to Allah, the creator of the universe, as well as the sole owner of this universe. God is God’s only Son. There is no god but Allah. Why are there still people on this earth who will not worship Him?. Why do they worship God’s creation? Many people on this earth just to think rationally, who worshiped must appear in front of the eye, while God does not appear. Now we suppose, there was a ruler of exceptional strength, its population is 100 million. Maybe at first afraid of these rulers. Like the story of Pharaoh who claimed God. However, people will think how to fight the ruling. Because the rulers appear in the eyes, then the weakness will be seen. Is it worth ruler worshiped, obeyed? The answer must be: No.

God is the sole ruler of this nature. Who can defeat the power of God? Which country? Which president? Lightning is a creation of God. Who can remove the lightning? Usually only minimize the impact of lightning, but could not resist lightning. Who can ward off storm surge, tornadoes? What is still unsure about the power of God? Some people worship the planet Mercury. What can be obtained from the Mercury? Some people worship the fire, the fire is considered a god. Is the fire could create water? Is the fire could create planets? Of all the questions above, who deserve to be God? God or Pharaoh or Mercury or fire or other objects. The point is not to be worshiped as God is something that you think there are the questions: who created this object.

A Muslim has the obligation to comply with and obey the order of Allah and His Messenger. One obligation is to pray five times. Then among these prayers, the Friday prayer. Now comes the problem of where prayers will be held Friday.

If a Muslim country of residence Muslim-majority countries do not have many problems. What if in countries with Muslim minorities, and attitudes of society or the government’s anti-Islamic? It’s a big problem and it took a very severe struggle. Need to sacrifice one’s life and property. Suppose that in Paris, the president does not want Turkey to join the European Union, because of reasonable problem that 70 million population is Muslim.

In the UK there is also opposition to the establishment of the mosque, this time made citizens Eastbourne, on England beach town. However, the City Council has given the Muslim community permission to build three-storey building in the complex Eastbourne Cultural Centre in Ashford Square. Although later in conducting Friday prayers are not allowed to be attended by over 100 people. In America, too, there are Islamic centers that were burned, the Islamic Center Oregon City, Corvalis, USA. In Athens, Greece, from the 19th century when Greece managed to break away from the influence of Turkish Ottoman Empire, they immediately remove all traces of Islam in his country. Even the central and local government immediately ban the construction of mosques and Muslim burial complex. That policy is still being conducted until now in some areas.

Alhamdulillah, over a fairly heavy struggle over 10 years of local government to allow construction of a mosque in the former naval base, and also fund the development. Despite the objections of some residents still get there. This mosque was later able to accommodate 500-person. Congregation mostly from Arab countries, Africa and India.
That’s a tough challenge for a servant of God, the servants who had run the Shari’ah with full sincerity, only to find his blessing. We pray for our brothers in the countries of the minority Muslim population, remain patient and trust. Really great guidance and grace which thou hast given, we believe God as the Creator of this universe. Not other than God. So do not let you be deceived, to lose on your own decisions or to influence others so that you worship besides Allah, Allah is the Greatest, Allah is holy and God is Oft-Forgiving. Forgive me for all the wrong and make mistakes, you is the Forgiver of all sins.

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