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Resistance: Propaganda Against Burning Al-Quran

From Abu Hurairah ra. Messenger of Allah said:
“It has come to you Ramadaan, a blessed month. Require fasting unto God in them; this month the gates of Paradise are opened and the gates of Hell are closed and the devils tied;
(H. R. Ahmad and An Nasa’i).

For those Muslims who believe the holy month of Ramadan is a month-awaited arrival. Where in this Ramadan all deeds done faithful servant of God, with faith, sincerity will be given the ease in performing their worship, the reward is obtained by double. Month full of grace, blessed and forgiveness of sins past. Disturbances in the run religion has been minimized by Allah SWT., By getting rid of jinns / demons that have shackles of Allah SWT. Bullies are still trying to tempt people believe in this holy month of Ramadan is a “demon of human groups.” Therefore let all the Muslims around the world to remain steadfast and patient in undergoing the obligation of fasting, although a lot of disruption that hit the Muslims today.
In many countries in the hemisphere there is only “Jinn or devil from among men” who interfere with the Muslims in performing their worship. Afghanistan, Palestine and now in United States, the Muslims his peace disturbed by the activities of a group of people who do not have a sense of tolerance, the behavior is broken, his brain is dirty, full of envy, hostility toward the Muslims.
In circulating the internet media propaganda, solicitation, conspiracy people who are not responsible as the initiator of the “Plan Combustion of Al-Qur’an” as a ‘Day of International Quran Burning’ against the Islamic holy book, the Qur’an, Muslims belonging . It’s name, Dr. Terry and Sylvia Jones, Dove World Outreach Center, a church covenant new, non-denominational in Gainesville, Florida, USA, he stated “We believe that Islam is the devil, which caused millions of people go to hell. It is a religion of deception, it is a religion of violence and it’s proven, “said Pastor Terry Jones, as quoted by the BBC.
As explained above, the jinn or demons of the human species is perhaps Dr. Terry and Sylvia Jones. A priest whose brain is full of memories are programmed by the devil. One whose heart is petrified, having despondency, anxiety, confusion, perhaps already stressed with personal problems, family, or with members of his group. He had run out of his senses, because they can not overcome the various problems raised by members of the group, perhaps also his congregation. Many of the questions posed to him as a religious leader, but ran out of answers, because the engineering answer is not based on his name will be stuck with the truth itself. The rebound resentment, disappointment, confusion, stress, she created a sensation against the Muslims, Muslims who hold fast to the Qur’an and Sunnah.
The emergence of the Islamic Centre and development programs around the Mosque of the former WTC buildings is probably one of his agitation. Many residents, even important leaders agree the construction of the Islamic Centre and Mosque. Not to mention, a variety of opinions on the president Barack Husein Obama is a Christian or Muslim. Amirika States increased the number of residents each day embracing Islam, so he’s Dr. Terry says “……… that causes millions of people go to hell. It is a religion of deception, it is a religion of violence and it proved ‘, he said. United States citizens with the entry into the Muslim faith, the same thing go to hell. Of course, he was mistaken if it thinks so. Islam does not cheat, the Islamic peace walk in the street, filled with love. Islam never give up, if the fear of the infidel, will defend ourselves, not standing still. Look what has been done also United States in various parts of the earth, with its supporting countries, has brought disorder to the human civilization, especially in Muslim countries, look at their citizens remain oppressed fight.
Should have the people close to Dr. Terry and his friends and citizens Amirika States advising, guiding, treat these people into the path of righteousness, peace, do not disturb residents in particular Muslims and other religions in United States. Respect each other as citizens, together build a more peaceful United States, upholding citizens’ rights in accordance with applicable law. As the president Barack Husein Obama: I believe that Muslims have the same rights to practice their religion, as other people in this country in accordance with the rules and laws of the First Amendment (U.S. Constitution) about protecting religious freedom.
For Muslims the world let’s face propaganda against people already can not think anymore, what is good and bad by asking opinions, protests, opposes the support of all Muslims worldwide through various media. Support the efforts undertaken by the Islamic advocacy group, Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) in United States to counter-propaganda propaganda that is not qualified. Fixed begged Allah SWT. To be given the strength in the face of enemies who want to destroy Islam, Islam is given the power to unite, in order to uphold Islam as a religion of Haq at the sight of Allah SWT. And Allah Almighty will continue to keep the Qur’an as his word in Surat. Al-Hijr: 9 “Verily, We it is Who lowering the Koran, and the fact we really do take care of them.”
Praise be to Allah the Lord of hosts, shalawat and greetings to our Prophet Muhammad. and to all the families and friends.

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